FSPA Student Spotlight

What It Is

FSPA's Student Spotlight is a way for us to feature the great work that our member publications from around the state of Florida are doing each month. It is less formal than one of our contests, and its purpose is to allow staffs to submit anything they feel is worth showing off.

This page will feature monthly work from students of our member publications. While we will have a focus for each month, we will spotlight a variety of quality journalism work from around the state.

How to Participate

There are two main ways to participate in FSPA's Student Spotlight:

  1. Watch our pre-recorded session where we discuss which pieces were chosen for each month. Typically, the prerecorded session will air on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. You can find the link for that session below.
  2. Submit work each month by using the link to the right to send us photos, stories, designs, broadcast packages or anything else your staff has created which you feel deserves to be highlighted.

October Spotlight Submission Form

While we will gladly accept any work for consideration, for the month of October, we are looking for pieces that feature risk-takers, both in technique and coverage.

Deadline to submit: 

midnight, Oct. 26

Click here to submit your work

Past Spotlights


Student Spotlights for September - Back to School 

The Lariat, "What Black students want their peers to know," Sasheen Joseph and Mia Tunon

Head editor, a Black student in a white majority school, wrote this as a way to open conversation with the student body.


HagertyJourn.com, "Trainers keep their cool," Matthew Dearolph

Coverage of how trainers are handling measures related to the Zachary Martin act, legislation meant to prevent sports overheating.

The Raider Voice, "A Day in the Life: An On-Campus vs. Online Student," Kathleen Lewis and Sabrina Bierman, Coverage of Gulliver Prep's hybrid model with students learning remotely and in-person simultaneously.

Fusion, "What's the Difference," Maggie Taylor, Shannon Hahn, Mary Grace Hernandez, 

Coverage of all the physical changes on the Hagerty High campus.

The Raider Voice, "Prepcast Episode 2: Club Commotion," Paulino Mercenari and Julian Concepcion

Podcast relates to how clubs are managing their events and meetings in a hybrid setting.

Miami Arts Studio, "MAS Family Welcomes New Counselor Dr. Riera," Bryan Ferreiro, Emily Breeding, Gabriella Yedo, Mara Bourdon, Tanya Diehs

New counselor spotlighted in the program's first-day-of-school episode.

Eagle Eye newspaper, "The stressors of COVID," Angela Guiso, Brianna Torres, Hannah Kang

A unique take on an ordinary back-to-school story, as this year has certainly been anything but ordinary.

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