Adobe Illustrator: Tips and Tricks | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Adobe InDesign Basics: Document Setup| Katie Turkleson, Lake Brantley High

Adobe InDesign: Intermediate Tips and Tricks | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Adobe Photoshop: Mastering Masks for Cutouts | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Adobe Premiere Pro: Tips and Tricks | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop


It's All in the ApproachEmily Pyatt Arnold, Aledo High School (Texas)

How to Write a Review| Amelia Foster, Robinson High

Storytelling: Where to Start | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

The Art of Writing the Headline | Rick Brunson, UCF

Building Your Brand through Social Media | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop


Live Critique: Literary Magazine | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Live Photo Critique: The Art of the Critique | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Live Critique: Pages that Pop | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Live Critique: Web Feature | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Live Critique: Yearbook Designs | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop


Best of Best Photography Courtney Hanks, University High

Best of Best Design Courtney Hanks, University High

Best of the Best Broadcast Omar Delgado & Cristina Insua,CCNN Live

Best of Best Theme Development | Sarah Tricano, Past FSPA President

Best of the Best Broadcast: Live Critique | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop


Essential Photography Habits| Hayes Davis, Leonard's

Spin the Wheel| Michael Malcom-Bjorklund, Columbia High

Concept Development| Jeff Moffitt, Josten's

Essential Photography Habits | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Content-Driven Coverage | Mike Taylor and Sabrina Schmidt, Walsworth


How to Host a Poetry Slam| Jordyn Dees, Steinbrenner High

On Photography: Back in Black (and White)Kally Malcom, University of North Florida


Being a Journalist During COVID-19 | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

2021 Top Trends for Designs | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Radio Journalism | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Covering the Cops | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Telling a Story Through Photography | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Reporting Safely and Still Effectively During a Pandemic | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Create Compelling Digital Content | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Get the Most out of National Convention | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

Sunshine Standout Editor Round Table | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop


Advising 101| Sarah Bristow, Leonard's 

More Together| Tina Cleavlin, Josten's

Yearbook Staff Recruitment| Mallory Padgett, Leonard's

Making the Most of Journalism I| Susan McNulty, J.W. Mitchell High

Plays Well with OthersMichael Malcom-Bjorklund, Columbia High

What Did I Get Myself Into: Surviving Your First Year as a YBA | 2020 FSPA Fall Workshop

21 Things to Do to PrepareSamantha Bott, Aledo High School (Texas)

How to Set Staffers Up for Success| Bridgette Norris, William R. Boone High School


Journalism Education Association

A variety of resources for JEA members ($65 per year) for classroom use across all publications. Lots of detailed lesson plans and handouts.

Student Television Network

Specific resources for broadcast teachers for classroom use. A wide range of video sessions and lesson plans for broadcast programs of all levels.

Poynter News University

Poynter (home to PolitiFact, MediaWise and others) is a great resource for any journalism program, and especially newspaper. After registering, advisers and students can find a number of free, self-paced courses covering a variety of writing and reporting topics.

Herff Jones 

Yearbook publishing company with organized units containing handouts and lessons mainly focused on yearbook, but applicable to any journalism program.


Yearbook publishing and photography company with adviser resource page of distance learning opportunities and a variety of other digital resources


Yearbook publishing company with new adviser resources and extensive collection of instructional podcasts

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