2023- 2024 Online Media Evaluation

  • November 15, 2023
  • February 16, 2024


  • Click below to apply for an online media evaluation.


As we continually strive to enhance the support and resources we provide, we are introducing a new initiative starting this academic year. In anticipation of the new evaluation system set to launch next year, we are offering an earlier registration deadline for this year's evaluation process.

Here's the great news: For those who register before December of 2023, we are offering a special opportunity. Along with the standard evaluation, you will receive an additional, no-stakes evaluation. This extra assessment is designed not to affect your final FSPA rating but to provide constructive feedback and advice on improving your website for the best possible rating in March.

FSPA conducts online media evaluations mid-year. Complete this application by Feb. 16. Member publications submit the URL to their website and a written statement detailing special circumstances and areas of focus/concern for the evaluator.

Publications will receive detailed feedback in a variety of areas. Each website will be ranked as All-Florida, Gold, Silver or Bronze and evaluators will select one or more "Sunshine Standout" site.

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