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The Fall 2017 Digital Contests allow students to have their work evaluated against entries from throughout the state. We will recognize top work (All-Florida ranked entries) online as results are returned, then announce Best of the Best winners for each category in a special online event in December. The submission window has passed -- we are announcing winners on our Twitter feed.

Spring Digital Contests, which you will be able to submit starting in January, allow Florida student journalists to showcase their work in a variety of categories such as writing, design, photography, art, broadcast and multimedia journalism. We recognize All-Florida winners and name a Best of the Best for each category.



Find 2017 All-Florida and Best of the Best winners here.

Find 2016 All-Florida and Best of the Best winners on this page.

Find 2015 All-Florida and Best of the Best winners on this page.

In the Fall Digital Contests, students are evaluated against other entries from their FSPA district. View the fall 2016 winners


FSPA provides a yearly evaluation service for newspapers, yearbooks, literary magazines, broadcast programs and online publications. The focus of the evaluation service is to provide feedback that will enable students to improve their publications and broadcast programs.

The evaluations are done by outstanding publication advisers from other states’ press associations, professional journalists and journalism faculty members. Staffs and advisers receive a written critique, providing specific comments on strengths and weaknesses of their publications and broadcasts. The top publications receive All-Florida awards at our convention banquets.

NEWSPAPER: See link below for 2016-17 All-Florida winners.

ONLINE MEDIA: See link below for 2016-17 All-Florida winners.

BROADCAST: See link below for 2016-17 All-Florida winners.

YEARBOOK:  Most 2017 critiques have been returned via email; certificates will be mailed in early September

LITERARY MAGAZINECritiques will be returned in early August.

All-Florida publications announced in April 2017 are here.


Students are given five days to complete work in a variety of categories, with winners announced at the FSPA convention. In 2015 and 2016, we held these in April. For 2017, entries are combined with the Spring Digital Contests and take place in February. The Digital Contest instructions above include descriptions of the Quick Turn categories.

Find 2016 winners here.

Find 2015 winners here.

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