FSPA Student Spotlight

What It Is

FSPA's Student Spotlight is a way for us to feature the great work that our member publications from around the state of Florida are doing each month. It is less formal than one of our contests, and its purpose is to allow staffs to submit anything they feel is worth showing off.

This page will feature monthly work from students of our member publications. While we will have a focus for each month, we will spotlight a variety of quality journalism work from around the state.

How to Participate

There are two main ways to participate in FSPA's Student Spotlight:

  1. Watch our pre-recorded session where we discuss which pieces were chosen for each month. Typically, the prerecorded session will air on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. You can find the link for that session below.
  2. Submit work each month by using the link to the right to send us photos, stories, designs, broadcast packages or anything else your staff has created which you feel deserves to be highlighted.

Student Spotlight Submission Form September

While we will gladly accept any work for consideration, for the month of September, we are especially interested in pieces that feature back-to-school coverage.

Deadline to submit: 

midnight, Sept. 25

Click here to submit your work

Student Spotlights for August - Dealing with COVID-19 

(click here for the YouTube Student Spotlight session)

The CrestianCoronavirus Coverage, Olivia Pettee

The yearbook staff's coverage of the coronavirus

CCNN Live, "Sunset in Siesta," Juan Pablo Garcia-Cass

Photograph reflecting on nature's local beauty

Eagle Eye News, "#Black Lives Matter"

Ashley Ferrer, Mackenzie Quinn, Ryan Servaites, Anisah Steele, Ivy Lam, Travis Newberry, Haley Jackson, Anna Bayuk

Adobe Spark coverage of Black Lives Matter protests in Parkland

The Spartacus, "Fear the Nameless Army," Giulianna Bruce

Editorial responding to government handling of BLM protests

iPatriot Post, "Protesting Close to Home," Kayla Rubenstein

Coverage of Black Lives Matter protests in Davie

CCNN Live, "BLM Protests Across Miami," Jordan Perez and Alexis Vivanco

Broadcast piece covering Black Lives Matter protests

CCNN Live, "Zoom Etiquette PSA," Juan Pablo Garcia-Casals, Andrew Falconi, Mikey Novo

Public Service Announcement on proper Zoom use

RHSToday, "Educator, father, Superintendent: getting to know Addison Davis," Anna Woodward

Feature story on the new superintendent who started in the midst of the pandemic

The Durant Pawprint, "HCSB meets despite teacher protest," Lilyann Belcher

Summer news story covering Hillsborough County School Board decision on school opening

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